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Choose from our chef-curated signature salad and grain bowls carefully created to highlight the proud flavors of Black foods in a manner that is easy to eat and enjoy when life moves fast.

All of our signature menu items can also be crafted into a wrap.

You can also create your own salad bowl, grain bowl, or wrap by building an original meal customized to your specific tastes and dietary needs from our selection of over 50 fresh ingredients shown below.

All of our base bowls are vegetarian friendly;
however, protein (meat and seafood)
can be added to each option. If protein is desired, we provide a recommendation on protein selection for each of our signature bowls. Some of the signature bowls are pictured below with our recommended protein selections.

Yellow Rice and Bean Sofrito

Yellow Rice, hearty red beans, grilled plantains, ripe avocado and plantain chip croutons with Spiced Black’s signature Soarito Sauce.

Recommended Protein: Adobo Shrimp

Pineapple Coconut Curry

Pineapple Coconut Rice, hearty black beans, diced red bell peppers, sweet coconut flakes, toasted cashews and chopped cilantro with Spiced Black’s signature Coconut Curry Sauce.

Recommended Protein: Grilled Salmon

Cajun Jambalaya Etouffee

Red rice, charred okra and shaved green onion with Spiced Black’s signature Cajun Etouffee Sauce.

Recommended Protein: ½ Grilled Shrimp and ½ Chicken Sausage

Spicy Tomato Jollof

Shaved red onion, sun ripened cherry tomatoes, pickled habanero peppers, and shaved green onion atop a bed of Jollof rice with Spiced Black's signature spicy tomato sauce.

Recommended Protein: Grilled Shrimp

BBQ Southern Soul

Carolina white rice, roasted sweet potatoes, charred collard greens, and homemade cornbread croutons with Spiced Black’s signature Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sauce.

Recommended Protein: BBQ Chicken

A rich rainbow of color and big, bold flavor comes together to nourish our bodies and feed our souls.

Know Your Options

All of our fast-casual salad and grain bowl ingredients are fresh and prepared daily. These nutrient-dense ingredients provide a path for you to claim your best health. You can create your own bowl by mixing and matching from the wholesome options below.