Spiced Black is a fast casual salad and grain bowl restaurant centered around Black heritage foods. We create healthier dishes by curating recipes without sacrificing the flavor, richness and traditions of Black Cuisine.

Meet The Team

We’re Tashae and Ameer. With full time jobs and two kids, we find ourselves eating out often. However, there are limited healthy and wholesome food options in our neighborhood. Most of the fast and convenient choices are high in fat, sugar and processed foods. Because of this and our love of food, culture and community, we created Spiced Black. A healthier, more convenient alternative serving fast casual foods that reflects the community. The vision of Spiced Black is to make Black foods more fresh, healthy foods with more flavor, and fresh and highly flavored foods more accessible to all. It is truly a Concept for the Culture!

We partnered with friend, and renowned Philadelphia Chef, Kurt Evans to lead Spiced Black’s culinary vision. Chef Kurt has made a career of telling Black stories through food. He too has a passion for culture and community which is evident through his social justice work. Chef Kurt has brilliantly developed every Black Heritage dish on our menu with love and intention.

The menu features American Cajun and Soul, Caribbean, Afro-Latino, and West African influences. Through his creativity with menu development, Chef Kurt highlights and celebrates the diversity of Blackness.

 At Spiced Black, we use the overall pattern of a plant-based, colorful diet based on fruits, vegetables, potatoes, grains, nuts, healthy oils, seafood and lean meats. Our recipes are inspired by the African diaspora and made fresh every day with a bounty of the freshest ingredients. Bright, vibrant collards and kale. Hearty, healthful beans and grains. Sweet, spirited plantains, okra, bell peppers, and mangos. And spices that have traveled from West Africa through the Caribbean, South America, and the Southern United States. Here, a rich rainbow of vivid color and big, bold flavor come together to nourish our bodies and feed our souls.

Our food is a homecoming for our community and an exploration for all. We hope you enjoy eating with us, and we hope you find yourself feeling at home here, too.